Mame & Shiba Cafe
(Causeway Bay)

Causeway Bay Cafe

  • Mame & Shiba Cafe HKD156 - (STAY 60MINS)
  • (HOLD) Mame & Shiba Cafe HKD78 - (STAY 30MINS)
Chai Pa Pa (Hero Chan) imported mameshiba into Hong Kong since 2013 and this is the first kennel in Hong Kong which introduced mameshiba. The supervisor of the kennel, Mr. Chan breeds mameshiba as well and he always goes to Japan looking for the highest quality Japanese dogs. In 2017, the first mameshiba café developed in Japan, this café gain the prize of popularity in Japan and increasing to 8 branches in 1 years’ time. After detailed study and consultation, Mr. Chan was planning to establish a mameshiba café in Hong Kong. He learnt part of the operation of the café in Japan as a reference; finally he found the appropriate location in Causeway Bay to start up the café in January. The idea of the mameshiba café is “sharing of pets”, it allows customers to appreciate and touch shiba and mameshiba as well. According to statistics, only one of tenth families can have the ability to own their pets. By visiting the café, those don’t have the chance to own a dog can have the chance to experience how to pet a dog. It is found that most of the cat’s owner would do some data collection before they own a cat, while seldom of them will do data collection before they own a dog. Therefore, part of the dog owners didn’t know how to differentiate on the dog quality. Mr. Chan hoped that through this café, customers can have the chance to have a more in-depth realization on shiba and mameshiba, how to take care of them, hence the chance of impulse buying leading to abandon can be prevented. Therefore, mameshiba café is a suitable place for the family to visit, let all family members have the chance to pet a dog, can let them have the chance to discuss on caring the issues. Mr. Chan emphasized that the idea of”understanding prior to buy “is very important and this is what most of the people in Hong Kong are lacking in. Many people being trapped by puppy mill because of lacking in this knowledge. Mr. Chan is running a specialist shop in Japanese dogs, he always met with those impulse dog owners, they are lacking in the knowledge of the breed and don’t understand the health issues of certain kind of breeds, so that is why Mr. Chan got the idea of this reflection.

Mameshiba café is about 700 square feet; it can have the capacity of at least 20 people at the same time. Café is the place for having fun with dogs, but not solely for serving with food. In addition to packaged drinks, cup noodles and stuffs of shibas from Japan are available for sale. In cooperation with the excellent breeders in Japan, those shibas and mameshiba in the café was purely the breed from Japan with good quality. There is also has an isolation area for the dogs to rest. Besides, dogs are arranged to have shifts to rest to ensure customers have a good experience to stay with the dogs. Staff in café are well trained on the knowledge of dogs caring, other than monitoring the condition of the dogs, they will also teach the customers on how to interacting and caring of the dogs. By selection of experienced staff, they can share their experience on dogs caring. Cafe can allow customers gain the knowledge on dogs caring and make their success on dogs caring multiplied.

$156/ 60 minutes can allow you to experience a dog owner . Customers are welcome to add another section if they having much fun with the dogs.

Address: Room J, 3/F Po Foo Building, No. 1-5 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Location Map
Contact: +852 3525 1333

Causeway Bay Cafe

  • Need to arrive at least 5 minutes in advance
  • Present the print-out of your email of reservation (with QR code)
  • No refund or any compensation for those late comers /absent/ those fear of dogs(cannot reschedule)
  • Need to pay for extra section fee if overtime
  • Take off your shoes and rub your hand with disinfectant before entering dogs area
  • Put your personal belongings on the shelves inside
  • Enter the isolation area is not allowed
  • Don’t hold/hug the dogs unless assisted by staff.
  • Don’t disturb the dogs when they are sleeping
  • Can’t use flash light for photo taking
  • Can’t chase the dogs
  • Can’t feed the dogs
  • 12-14 JAN 2021, HKD40 subcharge for CNY HOILDAY(PAY at cafe)

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